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Resolving Parenting And Divorce Issues With An Experienced Family Law Attorney

After a marriage ends in Arizona, if there are children involved, there are many details that both parents must attend to and significant agreements that both must abide by. Feelings of anger and resentment can cause difficulties in hammering out and enforcing these documents.

If you need legal guidance through the sometimes troubled waters of divorce, I can help. I am attorney Richard P. Nedlin, founder of the Law Office of Richard P. Nedlin, LLC. Whether it is determining an effective parenting plan, negotiating or enforcing child custody and support orders, or protecting your family through an order of protection, I am able to provide wise counsel and legal support.

Negotiating Parenting Time, Custody And Support Orders

In Colorado, parental responsibilities include decision-making rights and parenting time (formerly known as custody). Both can be shared equally between parents who are able to communicate effectively and work together cooperatively.

Child support payments are based upon a formula established by Arizona statute. The amount of support is typically calculated using the income of both parents, but other considerations can be factored in such as special needs of a child, health insurance expenses, work-related child care expenses or expenses beyond what is typical.

Whether you are a parent receiving or paying child support, we will guide you to assure that the child support amount is fair and accurate. My firm can assist you as you seek to:

  • Establish child support
  • Collect child support
  • Modify child support
  • Enforce child support orders

Representation For Civil Protection Order Cases

If you or your children need protection from domestic violence, threats, harassment or possible parental kidnapping, do not hesitate to call my firm. When threats or violence occur in a domestic matter, we will assist you in obtaining a civil protection order (commonly referred to as a restraining order) against the other party. If a protection order has been wrongfully obtained against you, I will fight as your lawyer to limit the damage caused by such an action and help you resume your role as a parent for your children.

Relief Is Available For Family Law Situations — Contact Me Today

My office is based in Tucson Arizona and serves clients from throughout Arizona communities. Call 970-309-8107 • 520-487-1188 or use my intake form to set up a free initial consultation today.

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criminal attorney criminal defense Tucson DUI family law traffic violations assault Nedlin Law