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Why Hire A Criminal Attorney?

If you are facing a criminal charge — or your marriage is headed toward dissolution — you may be weighing all of your options. Obviously, whether or not to hire a lawyer is probably going to be one of those questions. If you want the best possible outcome you do need an attorney!

At my law firm, the Law Office of Richard P. Nedlin, LLC, I represent Arizona residents and visitors in cases from Tucson.  Whether they are trying to deal with a misdemeanor charge or a more serious offense such as domestic violence or assault, or simply trying to get a divorce order provision enforced, my clients appreciate my diligence in pressing their case.

Most legal situations improve when you hire a lawyer to help you. Given below are some of the top reasons

Why Should I Have An Attorney?

  1. Lawyers are trained to understand our complex system of laws. It is very hard for a layperson to keep up with changes in state, federal and local law and understand their implications. My continuing legal education keeps me updated on new laws.
  2. An attorney can evaluate the evidence in your case. I know how to suppress evidence illegally obtained and present evidence that helps your case.
  3. A lawyer can appear on your behalf in court. This is especially important if you live out of state and cannot come back for your court date.
  4. An attorney has cultivated relationships that will help you obtain an optimal outcome. I have created relationships from prosecutors to judges and know how to negotiate effectively to my audience. My experience becomes a benefit to you in effectuating the best possible outcomes.

Selecting An Attorney You Can Trust

It is crucial, when the stakes are high, that you hire an attorney you trust and feel comfortable with. My approach to working with clients includes always presenting them with best and worst case scenarios. Full disclosure and honesty on my part is important when discussing your options. I strive to be responsive to all phone calls and emails. Your case is important to me, and I am dedicated to fighting for your due process rights at trial.

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criminal attorney criminal defense Tucson DUI family law traffic violations assault Nedlin Law

criminal attorney criminal defense Tucson DUI family law traffic violations assault Nedlin Law