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Just Visiting? We Can Help You Handle Your Charges.

Tucson, Arizona has long been a destination for out-of-state visitors, who come here for a vacation, a business trip, or who may be passing through the state on the way to somewhere else. If you are arrested or receive a traffic violation while in Tucson it is important to not ignore a traffic ticket or summons. Your charge will follow you home and create additional legal problems for you if not handled properly.

I am attorney Richard P. Nedlin, and my firm, the Law Office of Richard P. Nedlin, LLC, works with many out-of-state clients on their criminal and traffic defense cases. If your arrest does not require you to have a bond hearing ("make bail"), it may be possible for us to work together on resolving your case without you having to return to the state for a court appearance.

Charged While Visiting Tucson, Arizona? Let Me Handle Your Case So You Can Get Back To Life!

Some of the types of charges my firm handles for out-of-state visitors include:

After you contact my office and I become your lawyer for this matter, you will provide me with all the necessary information on the charge and your situation. I will make court appearances and represent you in court. As a former prosecutor, I can evaluate the state's case against you, and challenge it if I discover weak points that would help you.

Clients appreciate my responsiveness and clarity about options and consequences, so you can feel confident I will always keep you up-to-date about how your case is progressing.

Contact My Office And Move Forward With Your Life!

I serve clients in Tucson Arizona.  If you are facing a criminal charge in any of these locations, call my office at 520.487.1188 • 970.309.8197 or email me to set up a free consultation.

criminal attorney criminal defense Tucson DUI family law traffic violations assault Nedlin Law

criminal attorney criminal defense Tucson DUI family law traffic violations assault Nedlin Law